To deepen the ongoing institutional reforms and digital transformation in Edo State, the Edo State Internal Revenue Service (EIRS) has deployed digitized Treasury Receipts, Motor Vehicle Registration Documentation, Tax Clearance Certificates (TCC), Approval Certificates and Business Permits across all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

The Executive Chairman of the Edo State Internal Revenue Service (EIRS), Mr. Igbinidu Inneh, disclosed this when he hosted his counterpart from Niger State Mohammed Madami Etsu, who was in Benin City on a knowledge sharing and peer learning visit.

Inneh said with the introduction of the e-Treasury Receipts, all MDAs can now deliver receipts directly to people transacting with government from anywhere in the world via e-mail at the click of the button.

He said, “This measure not only ensures that public services are properly documented, but assures that payments are made in full, through the approved channels and transparently accounted for irrespective of the location of the beneficiary. The e-Treasury Receipt also saves government the cost of printing secure paper receipts.”

The Executive Chairman noted that all approvals processed by the MDAs have now been digitized even as MDA Approvals will be in the form of approval certificates which have been customised in the architecture of the Edo State Revenue Administration System (ERAS) with cutting edge security features to eliminate forgery and ensure that people get what they have paid for.

“It provides assurance to the public and enables government to better organise and regulate construction and operation of businesses in the state.

“We offer an increasingly popular ‘pay-small-small’ scheme that allows taxpayers make multiple payments on account to settle their liabilities over an extended period of time in affordable sums at their convenience,” he added.

The EIRS has deployed various electronic payment channels including onsite banking and offsite banking channels like web payment, PoS, Revenue Scratch Cards and USSD.